Windows Phone better for Nokia?, I think not....

Nokia’s CEO, Elop had stated that Windows Phone was a better platform for Nokia’s future.
It is hard to imagine how that is true versus the likes of Android, MeeGo, or even their own Symbian platform(which had begun to undergo changes that were starting to turn the tide for the platform).
With Windows Phone Nokia gets a platform they can influence and even slighty alter, but they lose the Qt development ecosystem that they spent the last year building up and possibly their developer user base with it. They also lose having full control of their ecosystem from OS to application services.
With Android Nokia could have taken the OS and modified it to their hearts content. Actually they could have replaced Symbian and MeeGo easily with it. All they would have had to do was port the Qt framework to Android, something that has already become a project in the Android world. With that in place they could port their Ovi services over to Android and replace the Google components with them. They would end up keeping their development ecosystem as well as their Ovi store which could’ve been put in place of the Android Market.
It is not hard to imagine an Android device with Ovi store, and Ovi Maps in place of the usual Google equivalents. Some Android devices have already been released with Bing and other branded components in place of Google's offerings already.
This would have also been easy to port to their existing hardware platforms, making the hardware transition easy. Also all of the OS features granted by Symbian could’ve easily been replicated by Android (USB OTG and HDMI out for entire OS GUI for example).
Instead they are now moving to a platform that is more restrictive, ditches all of their efforts in building a development community, and changes them from an OS with the #1 in market share to one so low that is normally put into the “others” category when world wide mobile OS distribution statistics are published.