Symbian surprises...Pixelpipe

As one of the rare few who have a Symbian powered device in this country, I always run into those telling me to switch to one of the "leading" platforms.
In the USA the popular choices amongst the tech crowd are Android and iOS based platforms. What these people fail to realize that without USA market share, Symbian is the most dominant platform. This is something I find myself explaining a lot lately. Looks like one application developer found this out for themselves.
Pixelpipe, a multi-platform service for distributing media across multiple services, posted this on twitter today:
"Running some numbers for an investor to see if iPhone or Android is our fastest growing platform, turns out that it's Symbian!"
No surprise there considering that their largest potential user base is Symbian which is about 40% of the global smartphone market.
They go on to state in a later tweet that: "Android is a largest userbase, Symbian is new for us & the fastest growing".
Looks like they were caught off guard by the sheer number of users that would be joining their service from this platform.
They also listed the countries downloading their application the most from Nokia's Ovi store:

Click the image above for more details.
I am not surprised that Symbian would out pace the other services, anyone else as surprised as pixelpipe?