N97 12.x.024 update available

Yesterday Nokia quietly released a firmware update for their flagship Nokia N97.
RM-505 units get: 12.0.024
RM-507 units get: 12.2.024

The middle number seems to only match what revision of the handset you have. So only the first and last numbers actually have any value.

With out any release notes for this release yet I can only see a few changes:
-minor ui tweaks
-faster response time from OS
-no major changes in free ram at boot. There was about ~42.5MB of free RAM after boot. :(

If you have an N97, be sure to get this one.
I did notice something odd during the update process. During one of the update process auto-reboots, the phone identified itself to the computer it was plugged into as a 5800 MusicXpress. One reboot later it went to Nokia USB S60 device. After that it then identified itself correctly. Just thought I should mention the odd quirk. I guess it is to be expected though, as Symbian S60 5th edition was first designed for the 5800 MusicXpress.
Anyone else notice this happen?

This post was mostly composed on a smartphone.