N97 gets updated to v21

As of today,the v21 firmware series update is out for those with the Nokia N97

This latest release promises to improve overall performance and slight features changes.
As you can see in the pictures, the update will online allow you to apply it via PC. No OTA (Over the Air) for this one. A lot must have been changed under the hood to require this. So I expect to see major improvements in speed an reliability since there is not much in the way of new feature announcements.
I will be applying this update myself to see what really has changed.

UPDATE (12:01am 2/2/2010)

Well I have run the update, and my initial impressions are good. The phone seems to be faster even with an active widget on the home screen (AP News) and Ovi Contacts updating my Favorites Bar with the contacts that are online.
I have not seen any increased C: disk space though.
One negative is that the music library catalog is wiped clean and the phone can not update the list by itself. All of the music is still there, and my podcasts are still cataloged though.
I will hammer away at this update to see what else I find.
Pictures of Ovi Desktop doing the update below: