Nokia Widgets Update

For those running first gen modern Nokia smartphones (N8, E7, C7, etc) that have not yet received Belle Refresh, you may notice a new update available for you. This update will upgrade the widgets available on the phone to mostly match that of what is available on units running Belle FP1 (808, 701, etc).
A word of caution for those running low on C disk space on their phones. While this update does add a lot of functionality, it will consume about 10MB after reboot, even though it is a 2MB download.

Here are the details of the upgrade as shown in the SW Update utility.

Version number and size of download.

Download in progress.

A homescreen full of the newer widgets: 3G Switch, Bluetooth Switch, Cellular Radio Switch, Data Use Counter (handy for those not on unlimited plans), Small media player control, Analog clock.

Here are two more new widgets: Calender Agenda, Web Feed

Widgets displayed: Notes, Silence Switch, Cellular Data Connection Switch, VPN Switch, Flip clock

Widgets Displayed: Word Clock, Animated Analog Clock

All of the widgets displayed were shown on a North American region N8-00.