Jolla announces first device

At the Jolla Love Day event the first device running the company's Sailfish OS was revealed.

The device is unique in the fact that its rear half snaps off to allow for other pieces to be added on. It was noted that the back plate not only supports the color plates that react with the OS to have it auto theme to match, but also allows for other accessories.
For those not familiar with Sailfish OS, it is the continuation of the MeeGo OS. Most of Jolla is derived from those that worked on MeeGo and the Nokia N9 before Nokia's switch to Windows Phone.
Sailfish OS also includes dalvik support which means that Android apps can be run on the OS as well.

Pre-orders have started today with three options:
- $0 gets you a pre-order number
- 40 € ($61) will get you a pre order of the limited edition unit, a t-shirt plus priority pre-order status
- 100 € ($152) will get you the same as the 40 option plus an exclusive "Other Half" snap on and a 100€ voucher.

The full cost of the device is 399€

Specifications wise the device is listed with the following:
- 4.5" Estrade display
- Dual Core
- 4G radios
- 16GB internal storage with a microSD slot
- 8MP auto focus camera
- User-replaceable battery

The device is slated to start shipping in Europe by the end of 2013.

Nice to see more entries into the smartphone world that is so heavily dominated by iOS and Android.