Nokia Point and Find arrives on the N97

Yesterday an update was posted on Nokia Beta Labs for an update to Nokia Point and Find. This update now brings compatibility to the N97. This is the first touch screen interface Symbian device that has been added to the compatibility list for this program. Update post here.
A video and my impressions of the app after the read link.

I have tried the N97 version of the software and it installed fine. It was nice to see Nokia put a destination selection option in the installer for once. Normally all Nokia apps would install to the C drive without prompting the user.
So far I have not been able to get the software to successfully identify any movie posters or bar codes.
Since this is the first build of the program for the N97 I am sure there are bugs to be worked out. Likely there will be updates to fix these issues in the near future.


Android has that

Google goggles.

Doesn't quite work right.

Same here

I have some issues with that application too.