Nokia E7 goes up for preorder...

The E7 is now up for preorder on Nokia's Finnish store according to a post on Engadget Mobile.
The device is available for €599 preorder price.
For those that need a refresher, the device is packing a 4 inch Clear Black AMOLED capacitive touch display, 16GB of builtin flash, 8MP camera, full qwerty keyboard and the latest edition of Symbian among other features.
As an interesting side note, the preorder that I once could easily find on has seemed to have disappeared. Now I see listing for new preorders that are direct from Nokia themselves with no price on them as with the previous amazon preorders.
There is an auto notify for when it becomes available though.
You can see an example of this here: Blue Nokia E7

Samsung Vibrant (T-Mobile): ☑, Android 2.2 (Froyo): ☐ MIA

Last year, Samsung decided to show off some highly anticipated phones in March 2010. Samsung formally named them the "Galaxy S" series. The Galaxy S is known as the OEM model, while the carriers in various countries would launch them under several other names.

Skype finalizes acquisition of Qik

Skype has announced that their acquisition of Qik is complete. They first announced that the process was underway at their CES showing, and now its final.
You can read the press release from Skype here: Skype acquires Qik

Apple iPhone 4 comes to Verizon

According to the live blogs from both BGR and Engadget. The Verizon iPhone 4 has been officially announced.

Keep one thing in mind before signing on the dotted line Verizon customers, you will have to wait 20 months to be eligible for an upgrade. This is not great news when Apple tends to release a new iPhone model every summer.
However, if you do not care about having the latest and greatest model, then feel free to grab an iPhone 4 that will probably be able to hold a call for once.

Unannounced Nokia E6 on Picasa?

While we are still waiting for the slightly delayed Nokia E7, it appears as though an unannounced Nokia handset is floating around.
According to a find on the myNokiablog there is a handset posting pictures of what appears to be the an E6-00, as can be seen in the picture below.

Skype announces acquisition of Qik...

During their CES conference yesterday, Skype announced that they are in the process of acquiring Qik.
Qik, for those that don't know is a mobile live streaming service that has recently been used in by some companies as a video calling solution. With this purchase Skype will now be able to add the abilities of Qik to its existing video calling services.
You can see the video of the conference here. Fast forward to about to the 7 minute and 50 second mark to see the portion about the acquisition of Qik and how they plan to leverage the service.

Watch live streaming video from skype at

iOS 4 gets Skype video calling

Skype has released an update to their skype mobile app for iOS 4 that adds video chatting support. Now any iOS 4 device that is an iphone 3gs or higher will be able to participate in a video call. For 2-way calling a front facing camera will be required. Devices without will only be able to recieve video.

Amazon Kindle App on Symbian petition

Symbian users are not gathering together to petition for Amazon to release the Amazon Kindle app on their platform.
User Smartfonefan has started an online petition in the hops of getting Amazon's attention to get Kindle ported to the most deployed smartphone platform on the planet.
You can see the petition here:

Ovi Store is down for update, whats new? (Update)

I tried accessing the Ovi Store on my N97 this evening and was presented with the following screen.

The question is, is this update minor or major?
Update: According to Ovi's twitter page, the Ovi Store is down for planned maintenance. So don't expect to see anything new aside from some bug fixes, if any.

Nexus S goes Live, Gingerbread is detailed.

Today Google did a two for one deal. They put up the page for the nexus S which also details Android 2.3 - Ginger bread, as well as releasing the SDK.

The Nexus S page can be viewed here:
Details on Android 2.3 can be viewed here:

You will find the video presenting Android 2.3 below:

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