Nokia N8 shipping

Early this morning (at least in my time zone) Nokia announced that they are shipping the Nokia N8 out to those that have pre-order and then all other channels will start receiving the handset. After the initial delay, they stated that they would still make it by late September, and that they have. Right on the last day handsets are going out to the lucky early adopters.
Already an unboxing has appeared online of the device.

Massive Games Sale on Ovi Store

If you have missed it, there is a massive games sale going on in the Nokia Ovi store. It has been for this entire month but now there is less than a week left.
This sale has many of the $2.99 and $4.99 games now listed at $0.99. This includes games from top tier mobile developers such as Pop Cap, Electronic Arts, and Polarbit. Read more for further detail. (This takes you to original post on partner site:

Nexus One Froyo Issues ?!

Not often mentioned is the issues a portion of the Nexus One community is experiencing since the 2.2 update hit their phones.
Users have been experiencing random app crashes, slow performance and the need to constantly reboot their phones.
What makes the issue even more complex is that some of the affected users have been able to solve their problem with a hard reset or micro SD card reset. However these methods do not work for all.
Our own terryjohnson16 has been hit with this bug. He has been able to make his phone stable by ending the "checkin" process after the phone has booted. Then after that he has to let the phone rest for awhile as it is still unstable for a short time. Once that is over the phone will resume normal operation until it is turned off. Then this process begins all over again on startup.
What makes matters worse is that Google has recently stopped selling the phone directly which lessens the chance of Google releasing an update for the device, for those that are affected.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10a Unboxing and Impressions

Nokia N8 announced ... N86 successor revealed.

Today Nokia announced their new high end camera oriented smart phone and their first Symbian ^3 OS device. (Even though FCC approvals and other information regarding the device have been floating around for at least 24 hours before the announcement.)
The Nokia N8x series line has not seen an update since the release of the 8MP camera packing N86, which at this point seems to be the last non-touch alphanumeric slide smartphone.

Has Palm's comeback failed?

Palm was once a major player (and even a leader in some regards) in everything related to handheld computing (or should I say "palm" computing). They had the majority of the PDA market with their Tungsten line and was a success with their Treo line. This was early in the last decade tough, and a lot has happened since then.

Ovi store quietly changes ratings standard

Today I noticed that when I went to, something was different. All of the star ratings had changed from the 3 star rating system to a 5 star rating system. This is something that many user have complained about. There was always a feeling that you couldn't really accurately rate an application or tell its worth with only 3 stars to go by. On the 3 star system most apps ended up with 2 stars.

Opera Mobile 10 and Opera Mini 5 graduate from beta

Opera announced this week that Opera Mobile 10 and Opera Mini 5 have fully launched. Both have been in beta for awhile now and it is good to see these great alternative browsers finally released in stable form. They are available across a vast range of devices. To get the version that is best for your device just head on over to in the default browser of your mobile device.
Launch video after the read link.

Impression of Need for Speed Undercover on Palm Pre Plus

Just at random I walked into a Verizon Wireless store while traveling and gave Need for Speed Undercover on the Palm Pre Plus a spin.
Here are my impressions in the video:

N97 gets updated to v21

As of today,the v21 firmware series update is out for those with the Nokia N97

This latest release promises to improve overall performance and slight features changes.

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