Ovi Maps has gone FREE

Ovi Maps is the Turn-by-turn navigation software that is included on all Nokia smartphones with GPS. Today Nokia announced that the Turn-by-turn feature will now become free in the latest release of Ovi Maps.
This is likely a response to the latest release of Google Maps Mobile on Android which offers free turn-by-turn voice directions.

Happy New Year

From everyone at Reaper PC/PDA, have a Happy New Year.
Enjoy 2010 smartphone and PDA fans.

That screenshot is of the theme on my smartphone.
If you a a Symbian 5th (aka Symbian ^1) or Symbian 3rd edition device, then you can download the theme here.

Nokia Point and Find arrives on the N97

Yesterday an update was posted on Nokia Beta Labs for an update to Nokia Point and Find. This update now brings compatibility to the N97. This is the first touch screen interface Symbian device that has been added to the compatibility list for this program. Update post here.
A video and my impressions of the app after the read link.

Opera Mobile Beta 10 out now

Opera has released the beta of Opera Mobile 10. Currently the only download available is for Symbian OS S60 3rd edition and 5th edition based phones. This includes but is not limited to the Nokia E-series/X-Series/N-series devices, Sony Ericsson Satio, and the Samsung i8910 HD.
Like all other Opera betas, this download is free and lets you use the browser without trail limitations till the release of a final version. Video and further details further in the article.

N97 v20 firmware released - N97 reborn

Version 2.0, aka version 20 (Nokia's numbering scheme), was released today.
This firmware brings along many of the long promised changes to the N97.
These include:
-improved touch screen response.
-kinetic scrolling throughout the UI by default
-improved music application user interface
-better ram management.
-better OS flash management (C: drive)
-new included applications
and more.

Blackberry Messenger 5 for the masses

For those running Blackberry OS 4.5 or higher, you can now get BB Messenger 5.0 for free. This update includes multiple GUI improvements that bring BB messenger to a more modern look, feel, and feature set to match other services(examples include: status messages, picture avatars, etc).
Pictures of Blackberry Messenger 5 further in the article.

BB Messenger 5 in the BB App Store

BB Messenger 5 Buddy List

AT&T gives Windows Mobile 6.5 the push

Today, AT&T quietly launched the HTC Touch Diamond 2, as the HTC Pure. The HTC Pure is the first smart phone in the United States to launch with the newly announced Windows Phone OS aka Windows Mobile 6.5.

Microsoft officially launches Windows Mobile 6.5 on October 6th, but AT&T took it into their own hands to be the first US carrier to launch a smart phone with the freshly designed GUI-oriented Window Mobile OS.

Mobility Digest got their hands on the retail box.
More info can be found here:

Skyfire 1.1 released

On August 24th Skyfire released the latest version of their mobile browser.

For those that don't know, skyfire is a mobile browser for WIndows Mobile and Symbian S60 that does server side rendering like Opera Mini, but also supports flash/ajax/quicksilver and the like.

    Changes for this release include:
  • Improved page load times
  • Improved scrolling and zooming on Symbian
  • Improved reconnect
  • WML support

Quickoffice 50% off sale!!!!

Quickoffice, the Mobile Office suite for smartphones, is currently having a 50% off sale on certain products.
If you have a Symbian S60 3rd/5th edition device, iPhone, or Android powered device then you are in luck as all of those versions have had their prices cut in half.

N97 12.x.024 update available

Yesterday Nokia quietly released a firmware update for their flagship Nokia N97.
RM-505 units get: 12.0.024
RM-507 units get: 12.2.024

The middle number seems to only match what revision of the handset you have. So only the first and last numbers actually have any value.

With out any release notes for this release yet I can only see a few changes:
-minor ui tweaks
-faster response time from OS
-no major changes in free ram at boot. There was about ~42.5MB of free RAM after boot. :(

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